Notion is cool, here's why.

This isn't an ad [I wish].

Personally, I thrive under an organized schedule. There’s something about crossing tasks off of a list that resonates with my brain. I didn’t start scheduling my days until my college counselor called me in and said “You’re due to transfer to a university soon! Where have you applied?” At that moment I realized, I should probably take life a tad more seriously.

So I started scheduling all my studying, homework, college applications, work, you get the gist. There were multiple impactful moments that transformed me from a lost teenager to an independent young woman, it’d be a bit silly to say having a planner made the difference. I’ll say it anyway though, having a planner made the difference.

Scheduling my tasks had an incredible impact on my productivity. I eventually aced all my courses, made it to Sacramento State, and as of now, I’m starting a new job. With my soon-to-be graduated life, I decided I needed an upgrade. So, I asked Twitter.

I received a lot of good recommendations, but I ended up choosing Notion. I’ve heard about the software before, a lot of people in the technology field have noted using the planner. I figured I’d give it a whirl.

I’m not the first user to love the app. Notion is ranked in the top 20 in task management software, document management software, remote work software, and collaboration software on Capterra, a software comparison website. In two years, the platform has attracted over one million users.

This software is the only thing I’ve found that comes close to planning my weeks in a physical journal. It hits all the marks that I didn’t ask for. It has templates for journaling, life goals, recipes, weekly scheduling, and more. I was slightly astounded by the functionality, it’s like a Swiss Army knife for stressed-out technologists.

By far, my favorite feature is the reading list template, where I can save articles, books, and podcasts to consume later. Instead of having a million open tabs of articles I’ll forget to read, I can put them in Notion for easy access.

I’m trying to refrain from sounding like an infomercial (Notion, notice me!) - I just have to appreciate brilliant software design when I see it. One caveat, in my opinion, is that it’s sort of a pain in the ass to set up. It took me a couple of days to organize everything how it’s relevant to my life. If you have a few hours to kill, it’s a nice little project. The final product was really rewarding.

There’s a lot of small touches that make this software my favorite thus far. Breaking up the blocks of text with emojis and headers creates a space that is a tad less boring than typing in a text box.

For these reasons and so many more, I think Notion is pretty cool. It’s January, so if you’ve set some goals you’d like to stick to, they even have a “Habit Tracker” template. Truly, I think everyone should try it out this year. 2020 was a mess, I recommend using Notion to make 2021 an organized mess.

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